How much will the fit out cost?
Our prices are calculated based on high-standard fit out works, Every project is unique with regards to services and materials and so are the  prices. Our strength and aim is to ensure to fit in all our customer requirements in their desired budget.

Q:Should I approach an interior designer or an architect if I have a remodeling project?

A: Typically, an interior designer has the skills and professional education to design or  remodel an existing interior space, be it furniture , lighting and electrical plans, select all interior finishes etc.

Only if there are  structural changes required then an architect and/or structural engineer will need to be part of your team. They’ll provide the necessary drawings and structural calculations required by your local building department to ensure your safety and welfare, as well as pass building code inspections

How long will it take?

It will depend on the type and size of each project.
In average the planning will take approx 10-14 days, Procurement timing approx 10-15 days.
Time on site  approx.30-60 days